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    I love to garden, I grow really hot and rare peppers, and make hot sauce.. I invented the Knife Scoop after burning myself several times, mostly on the face, and once after using the restroom :(


I wanted to create something to help me scoop up a bunch of peppers hands free.

I cut up a plastic Tupperware and used a magnet from the refrigerator. It worked, but it wasn't pretty.


[Knife Scoop has entered the chat.]


I made the Knife Scoop out of bamboo because it's earth friendly and affordable. But the Knife Scoop isn't just for peppers. It works great with anything you chop. You can use it with a scraper tool, for a real hands off experience, or without a scraper tool. Either way, it really makes a difference in the time you save chopping & scooping.

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